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Ayurveda Tips and Diet Planning
Kerala Ayurveda Hospital - Psoriasis Treatments, Kerala, Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments centre
Trivandrum - Kerala

What we eat has a profound effect on our mind as well as the body. It is not only important as to what we eat but it is equally important as to how we eat. Following are a few tips on diet which help in getting the best out of what we eat.

  • Fresh ginger with a small amount of salt should be taken 10 to 20 minutes before food.

  • The diet, especially hard substances should be properly chewed.

  • Wherever possible intake of curd or buttermilk should follow food.

  • The food should be tasty, fresh and good in appearance.

  • It should neither be very hot nor absolutely cold.

  • Water should be avoided at least 15 minutes before food. The quantity of water after food should be small. Let it be drunk often.

  • Heavy (Guru) food should be taken in a limited quantity.

  • Heavy food should not be taken at night. The proper time of night meal is two to three hours before going to bed. After night meal, it is better to go for a short walk, of say hundred steps.

  • Heavy work or exercise should be avoided after food.

  • After meals, heavy mental or physical work should be avoided. Some rest is advisable for proper digestion of food.

Ayurveda Tips

Ayurveda recommends vegetarian foods which gives more nourishment to the body than the non-vegetarian foods. Simple food makes the body strong and discords diseases. Overeating may cause obesity and may invite diseases.

Night meals should be taken 2-3 hours before going to bed. This will help in proper digestion of food.

Bath removes dirt, sweating and fatigue and brings freshness to the body. Before bath Til oil massage is very beneficial for skin and body.

One should wash face 5-6 times a day. This helps in cleaning of the dirt accumulated on the face and gives freshness.

Fill your mouth with water, close the eyes and sprinkle water on them about 10-15 times. Gently rub the eyelids and give a tender massage to the eye balls. Staying up late in the night and sleeping after sunrise is harmful for the eyes.

After this one should take a glass of water. This helps in the smooth passing of stool and urine. Make it a regular habit to drink 10-12 glass of water everyday. Warm water is especially good for regulating elimination and cleansing toxins from the physiology.

The twig of neem or babool should be used for cleaning the teeth.

Tongue should be scraped regularly otherwise it gives rise to foul smells. Scrapets made of copper, steel or plastic can be used.

Til oil gargling is good for jaws, depth of voice and good taste for food. By doing this type of gargling one never gets cracked lips, bad odor, sore throat and toothache.

One who applies Til oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness or graying of hair. It is also beneficial for applications in nose and ears and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Physical exercise and Yoga Asans bring lightness to the body, ability to work, stability and stimulate the power of digestion.

The dressing and cutting of hair, mustaches, beard and nails of hand and feet, add cleanliness and beauty to one's personality.

One should not indulge in sexual intercourse with a woman during her menses or one who is suffering from a disease. Sex done in day time is harmful to health.

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