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Special Ayurveda Health Care Packages:

We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Ayurveda Panchakarma centre with head office at Trivandrum in Kerala.

Our Commitments: We are committed to provide quality treatment and we use the best quality oils and medicines in our clinic. We keep our centre and surroundings very clean and hygienic. Our customer care is far better than any other Ayurveda centre in India. Proper personal attention at our centre has retained many clients as frequent visitors for our special packages.

Charges per sitting of our standard Ayurveda relaxation program:
(This rates are for Trivandrum center only, The rates are different in other center)




1.  Body massage (Abyangam) +  Bath +
     Head massage - Duration 45 min               -  US $ 20.00 / Rs. 1200 

2.  Body massage (Abyangam)  + Shirodhara
     + Steam +  Bath – Duration 1.30 hours       - US $ 42.00 / Rs. 2500 

3.  Body Massage (Abyangam) + Pizhichil
     + Shirodhara + Steam +  Bath -
     Duration 2 hours                                    -   US $ 67.00  / Rs. 4000 

4.  Body massage (Abyangam) + Special
     head massage + Face massage + Steam
     +  Bath – Duration 1 hour                        -   US $ 37.00 / Rs. 2200 

5.  Special Abyangam/Pizhichil + Kizhi + Head
     massage + Face massage + shirodhara +
     steam &  bath – Duration  2.30 hrs           -   US $ 75.00 / Rs. 4500 

Abhyangam (Uzhichil):
Abhyangam is an oil massage, recommended for increasing flexibility of muscles and joints, rejuvenating skin, and keeping impurities from accumulating in the body by stimulating various tissues. Abhyangam increases the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more resistance against viruses and diseases. This helps the defence mechanism in the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes. In this way massage is a protector, preserver and a rejuvenator, increasing self-confidence and will power.  Also relieves fatigue, promotes the eyesight, longevity, sleep and nourishes the body. 

Shirodhara is a method of relieving stress and avoid many mental illnesses. It is the continuous flow of medicated oil through the head. The oil falls on the center of the forehead of the person. The oil will be comfortably warm and the process continues for 25 minutes. The person experiences unexplainable relaxation and brightness, which provides complete rest to mind, allows one to overcome stress related conditions like insomnia, anxiety, chronic headaches, hypertension and asthma. It also strengthens hair and skin of the head. Shirodhara brings in several benefits including improved blood circulation to the brain, provides nourishments to hair and scalp, reduces nervous tension, and helps in sound sleep. There can also be different conditions of head, throat, eyes, ears and nose. It improves the functioning of sense organs and central nervous system, also improves your mood and fights depression.

This is a rejuvenating treatment with medicated warm oil used in a continuous stream for a definite period for the whole body. In the full body massage procedure of Pizhichil, the masseurs let the person lie own a specially designed Wooden Droni, a wooden plank designed to retain oil. A masseur spreads warm medicated oil all over the body (below neck) from a lump of cloth soaked in medicated oil.  

Kizhi is another special Ayurvedic treatment. Boluses of njavara rice / Medicated Powder or special leaves are used for Kizhi Treatments. The Njavara rice is boiled and medicated then wrapped in hand-size cotton bags. In the massage program, the kizhi (boluses of njavara made into a handheld bag or medicated powder) is dipped in warm decoctions. This makes the body of the person perspire and this method provides direct nourishment to soft tissues near the skin. The therapy can last for up to an hour a day and continues for 14 days. Persons suffering from joint pains, rheumatism, bad cholesterol, weak and underdeveloped limbs, and certain skin disorders can take an appropriate kizhi therapy.

Special Health Care Packages: At our Trivandrum Medical center


1. Rejuvenation / Relaxation Packages: OP - no accommodation and food included

Package includes:

(a) Uzhichil & Shirodhara
(b) Pizhichil & Herbal steam bath
( c) Special Head massage & Kizhi – local area

Total Duration : 1 – hour daily (one treatment per day)

Cost of the package – 7 days - US $ 240 / Rs. 12,000
                                  14 days - US $ 440 / Rs. 22,000
                                   21 days - US $ 640 / Rs. 32,000

2. Panchakarma / Detoxification Package : OP - no accommodation and food included

Package includes: Abhyangam, Swedanam, Vasti, Kashaya Vasti, Thaila Vasti, Shirodhara, Pizhichil, Udwardhanam.

Total Duration : 1 – hour daily - (one treatments per day)

Cost of the package –  7 days - US $  280.00 / Rs. 14,000
                                    14 days - US $  520.00 / Rs. 26,000
                                    21 days - US $  760.00 / Rs. 38,000

3. Weight loss package:

We have weight loss package with Vasti, udwardhanam etc for minimum 21 days but the course of packages and the cost could be worked out after the consultation with the doctor.
Package includes: Abhyangam, Udwardhanam, Vasti & Swedanam.

Total Duration : 1 – hour per session (one treatment per day) No accommodation /
                                food included

Cost of the package - 21 days  -  US $ 525 / Rs. 31,500

                                         28 days  -  US $ 700 / Rs. 42,000

4. One Full Day Special treatment:

a) Morning Session -

Program = Pizhichil (pouring medicated warm oil on whole body) + Kizhi (bundle of medicated herbs, applying on body) + Herbal steam (full body in a steam chamber)


(b) After noon Session -

Program = Uzhichil (Body massage) + Sirodhara (pouring medicated warm oil on the forehead) + Herbal Bath.

This package includes, Herbal Tea, snacks, etc.

Total Treatment Cost - US $ 75 / Rs. 4,500 per person

{The cost of the special 7, 14, 21 and 28 days mentioned above are reduced rates from our normal packages and if any medicines or food supplements required after the consultation with the doctor, will be charged extra.  Also the rate quoted above is for the general treatments and if any special treatments required then the charges may change.  So Please consult with the doctor on arrival for the best treatments, duration and the cost}

Our working time is 8 am - 7 pm.  All days are working including Sundays. Doctor is available on all the days from 10 am – 6 pm.  We are Ayurveda people so the massage will be done male to male and female to female only. 

All the rates mentioned above are the cost of the treatments only. Accommodation could be arranged at our center in Kerala.

Special Yoga session could be arranged on request at Trivandrum. The cost of Stress Management Program (Yoga & Meditation) – Rs 200 per person for one hour session. This is available at Trivandrum only. 

Address of our Kerala Center: 

TC 18/153 (9), Kunnapuzha Road,
Plavila, Aramada P.O, Thirumala,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pin:-695032
Phone: 0471- 6452092, 9946399917, 9495179196

Please read more about our Trivandrum, Kerala centre, at:

 Please see the location map of Kerala Center at:

 Above rates are exclusive or Room & Food, So the cost of accommodation and food will be charged extra with the above mentioned treatments charges. 

We have other packages with Two treatments per day as well.

Accommodation at Kerala centre–   

a. Single room non Air conditioned – Rs. 600.00/Euro 08.50/US $ 10.00 per day
b. Single room Air conditioned         – Rs.1000.00/Euro 15.00/US $ 17.00 per day
c. Double room non Air conditioned –Rs.  800.00/Euro 11.50/US $ 13.30 per day
d. Double room Air conditioned        – Rs.1500.00/Euro 18.00/US $ 20.80 per day

Food - Vegetarian food - US $ 6.70/ Euro 5.75  (Rs. 400) per day per person.
                                                                          (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

All the 7, 14, 21 and 28 days packages will be confirmed on the payment of 50% of the treatment cost & the cost of accommodation in advance. Consultation with the doctor will be complimentary for these packages. 

Please note this is not a hotel or a beach side resort, but home stay with all the modern facility, attached bath room, TV, intercom, internet connection along with home made vegetarian food.

We could arrange sight seeing trips, tour and travel packages in Kerala and backwater house boat cruise in Kerala as per the requirements. 

We could arrange accommodation and Ayurveda packages at Lake Side / Beach Resort at Trivandrum, with swimming pool / country boat trip etc, then we could plan your Ayurveda holidays accordingly.

please read about the Ayurveda Resort Holiday Packages / Honeymoon packages at:

Please let us know if you need any more information.

Address of our Kerala Center: 

TC 18/153 (9), Kunnapuzha Road,
Plavila, Aramada P.O, Thirumala,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pin:-695032

            Phone: 0471- 6452092, 9946399917, 9495179196

Please read more about our Trivandrum, Kerala centre, at:

 Please see the location map of Kerala Center at:

The above rates are for OP patients at our Trivandrum Medical center only;
Cost of Accommodation and food will be extra

Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care - Franchisee Centers

Our Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma
Treatment center  are started at:

1.  Buldana Ayurveda Center    (Go to Buldana Center)
Spandan Ayurveda Hospital
(Kerala Panchakarma & Weight Loss Center)
Chopada Layout, Near Bus Stand
Opp. Dr. Chopade Hospital,
Buldana, Maharashtra -
Phone:     9922998182 / 9423338260

E- Mail:    

Location Map

2.  Raipur Ayurveda Center         (Go to Raipur Center)
Positive Health Zone,
Shri Ganesha Vinayak Medical Science Pvt. Ltd,
Near Colour Mall, New Dhamtari Road,
Panchpedi Naka, Lalpur,
Raipur, Chhatisgarh -  492001

Phone:     0771-4914566, 9109185025

E- Mail:     positivehealthzone@gmail.com

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KERALA AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, KERALA AYURVEDA TREATMENTS CENTRE TRIVANDRUM, KERALA, KERALA AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA CENTRE, TRIVANDRUM, KERALA, INDIA - Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care has full fledged Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala. We offer Panchakarma Treatment, Rejuvenation Massage, Shirodhara, special Massage, Face Massage, Head Massage and supervision of specially trained Ayurveda doctors. We are providing Traditional Ayurveda Training at our Trivandrum Centers. We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of Ayurveda Equipments.